How to know if you are going to be fired

The fact that many companies go through a reduction in force, and many people have had to deal with termination of employment, doesn’t make it any easier when it happens to you. If you’ve never been fired, or part of a company-wide layoff, you probably are not aware of some of the clues leading up to a termination of employment. Here are a few indicators to impending job cuts or employment termination:

Your boss’s attitude towards you may be evidence to a firing

Every boss can get cranky or dismissive at time, but if several weeks have gone by and things appear to be getting worse, this could indicate a possible firing. You really have to go by prior dealings with your boss to determine whether or not things have deteriorated. Meet with your boss for feedback. If they give specific, plausible reasons for their behavior towards you, great. If they are vague and dismiss your concerns, thank them and go about your business, but get ready for a possible pink slip in your future.

Layoffs usually follow acquisitions and mergers

When your company is restructuring or downsizing due to an acquisition or merger, job reduction is often one of the results. Redundancy in job positions in something upper management will definitely be looking at, so don’t be surprised if your job responsibilities come under close scrutiny. Stay professional, do your job well, but start preparing your resume for a new job search.

Involuntary termination may follow a poor performance review

If you are doomed to termination of employment, your boss has to create a paper trail. Be particularly concerned if regular written reviews are not a normal occurrence in your position. If they devise a specific plan for improvement, do everything you can to meet the criteria, but get ready to start going on some job interviews as well.

You may be fired if you are excluded from certain things

Again, you’ll have to compare past experience to present to determine if your exclusion from critical meetings and projects is a prelude to being fired.Ask your boss about it so see if you can gain any further clues.

Chances are, if you have a gut feeling that you’re going to be terminated, you might be. It doesn’t hurt to always have your resume in order and be prepared.