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California to Close Last Nuclear Power Plant by 2025
Environmentalists believe this agreement could be a template for other states to shutter nuclear or fossil-fuel plants and replace them with renewable energy sources. Pacific Gas and Electric will not pursue plans to seek renewed operating licenses for its …

California shutters its last nuclear plant, irking some environmentalists
PG&E said it would not seek to relicense the two reactors at the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant beyond their current operating licenses, which expire in 2024 and 2025. Pacific Gas and Electric Co. will announce Tuesday it will close California’s last …
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PG&E to Close California’s Last Nuclear Plant by 2025
Not all groups are pleased with the news that Diablo Canyon, the state’s last nuclear power plant, is set to be closed. The Diablo Canyon reactors are the latest in a series of nuclear power plants to be closed as a combination of cheap natural gas and new …
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