No More Extensions of Unemployment Benefits

No More Extensions of Unemployment Benefits
Amidst record long-term unemployment, Democrats are trying to extend unemployment welfare yet again. Will Republicans continue to obediently follow them in accelerating more creeping socialism? Or will last December serve as the Republicans’ final act …

A GIF of world unemployment since 1991
Labor markets around the world are deeply in the red. Global unemployment hovered at 6% in 2013, with 202 million jobless—a 5 million increase from the year before. That’s according to a report last week from the International Labour Organization, a UN …
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Why Did Unemployment Rate Increase?
The U.S. unemployment rate rose to 8.3% in July and a broader measure ticked up to 15%, even as the economy added 163,000 jobs. Why the increase? The key reason is because the two numbers come from separate reports. The number of jobs added — the 163,000 …
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