Pending Layoffs? Start with the following 7 things

#1: Negotiate your exit strategy with your boss

If you’ve had a good relationship with your employer you should be able to get a severance package, job search help from HR, and an opportunity for you to save face professionally. You might be able to claim voluntary termination to your peers while your boss tells unemployment it was involuntary termination (so you can collect unemployment).


#2: Stay Positive throughout the layoff and beyond

Don’t dwell on negativity, anger or bitterness towards your employer. Those things only poison yourself, and prevent you from getting a new, possibly better, position. Negativity and bad-mouthing on a job interview is a no-no (no matter how justified it may be).


#3 Dot your “i”s and cross your “t”s

After you’ve been notified of your termination of employment, begin organizing the things that you need to get before you leave. Make a backup of all your contacts. Get your COBRA information from HR for future enrollment of benefits, and ask your boss for a letter of recommendation.


#4: Laid off letting the world know about your layoff

Experiencing a layoff can be bruising to your ego and self-esteem. Before you let anyone know, or update your LinkedIn and other social media accounts, take a little time to heal emotionally, and think about the most professional way to let everyone know. Phrase your words in a positive tone with the focus being on your future.

#5: Examine and limit your spending

You might be tempted to make yourself feel better with a major purchase. Don’t do it. Job termination of any kind is a time for you to take a look at what you’re spending, and search for sensible ways to cut back, or reduce – without depriving yourself.

#6: A part time job may take pressure off a job search

Keeping in mind that your job search takes priority, a part time job with flexible hours may help keep you actively in work mode, while bringing a little money in while allowing you to go on job interviews.


#7: Involuntary Termination is an opportunity for self-assessment

They say loss presents an opportunity for growth. Take this time of unemployment to really consider what makes you happy, what you’ve always wanted to do, and find a job that is more aligned with what matters most to you.