Weekly unemployment payments increase

Weekly unemployment payments increase
The amount paid to Oregonians filing for unemployment insurance benefits has increased, according to a news release from Oregon Employment Department on Tuesday. According to the release, the maximum weekly benefit someone can receive will rise to $ 590 …
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Obama’s Unemployment Sleight of Hand
RUSH: We have an audio sound bite here from Obama, the press conference I mentioned an hour ago. He went out there and he was praising his economy. He was heralding first-time unemployment rate as being under 5% for the first time in seven years.
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Unemployment Rises In Wyoming
Despite the major layoffs in the coal industry this year, the unemployment rate in Wyoming rose slightly in June, up by .1% to 5.7% since May. Although that rise isn’t significant, it is a serious increase from last June when it was only 4.2%. A report …
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